The company follows the principle that a measure of the quality of work is customer satisfaction. Based on an well-established system of quality management, we do our best to dispose of both occured faults and their causes. On that account, internal audits, both qualitative and procedural ones, and implementation of corrective measures are realized. We put emphasis on production output control; human factor is supplemented with effective camera systems, which increase the efficiency of continuous output control.


Our competitive advantage is our own crystal glass material of the crystal glass category. We use quality quartz sand to prepare our glass batch; on the other hand, we do not use lead compounds.


This type of glass is not counted among the group of common soda-potassium glasses, it belongs to special crystal glasses. It is necessary to keep determined specified physical and chemical characteristics for the glass to be classed in this prestigious group. Meeting all these requirements is proven by “Certificate of conformance” owned by our company. Health safety is guaranteed by products made of this glass material.


Products of the company Crystalex are characterized by top quality that ranks us with the leading producers of household glass. Our products are distinguished by a number of significant features; owing to them, they meet following standards:

  • ČSN EN 1183 – thermal shock endurance of glass
  • ČSN EN 12875 – dishwashing resistance
  • ČSN EN 12980 – impact resistance
  • ČSN EN 1388 – health safety
  • ČSN ISO 695 – alkali resistance
  • ČSN ISO 719 – water resistance of glass cullet
  • ČSN 01 1718 – survey of optical features
  • ČSN 70 0513 – glass density
  • ČSN 70 0532 – hydrochloric acid resistance
  • ČSN 70 8005 – utility glass

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