Recommended care and maintenance of glass

How to care of your Crystalex glass product:
• Please note that decorated products, whether it be with gold, platinum or paint, should never be machine-washed. Wash such a product by hand in lukewarm water, using a soft sponge and a mild, non-aggressive detergent. Treat the glass with a soft cloth after washing.
• It is possible to use a dishwasher for washing other glass products. In such cases, set the dishwasher at a glass-friendly program running at low temperature, and open its door as soon as the washing cycle finishes. Condensed vapors cause harm to glass.
• When handling the glass, avoid any contact with hard objects including other glass; there is a danger of being scratched.
• Products are not intended to be used for serving hot beverages or placed in microwave ovens.
• Handle the product carefully to avoid either damage or injury, and never allow children to handle the glass.
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