We accommodate remarkably diverse demands of our clients. Our products prove outstanding utility characteristics. Their success is backed up with not only the unmatchable top-quality glass material but also advanced technology of forming.


We focus particularly on the automatic machine production, the automatic lines enable us to produce both quality and affordable products in a capacity of 60 million pieces a year.


The first automatic line was put into operation already in 1972 and it became the basis for future expansion of production capacities and continuous upgrading of production devices.


Our production is, thanks to the automatic lines, capable to meet standard demand as well as individual orders of demanding features. When receiving major orders, we are receptive to any bargains, and we are ready to be responsive to your demands and ideas.


Every drinking glass from our abundant supply of stemware, tumblers, decanting carafes and jugs complies with all (including yours) specific requests for its aesthetic, utility, and operational values. We are the owner and producer of the best-seller Claudia®, which has been produced for 40 years; during its existence, over 150 million pieces of this rare series were sold. You can choose traditional stemware suites like Angela or Victoria, or you can select number of modern ones, just to mention Viola, Sandra, or Giselle.


As for tumblers, the best-known lines are Barline, Ideal, Club, or Gina, the most recent successful ones are Samba, or Jive.


Range of our assortment is considerable. In addition to various stem glasses, tumblers, and decanting carafes, we offer also original vases and bowls. A lot of them are designed to be combined with stemware or tumblers.


Attractive vases and bowls, both plain and decorated, will suit to every prospective buyer. By various occasions they, either traditional or recently shaped, will represent your refined personal taste as well as the art of delight for all senses.

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