Located both in the basic plant in Nový Bor, in Northern Bohemia, and in the Moravian plant Karolinka, more than 600 skilled specialists, technologists, and workers wise in their crafts that co-operate constantly with leading Czech and foreign designers, produce continuously innovated range of articles, which speaks to perspective buyers from nearly the whole world.


We engage the right people in the right places. The seasoned ones train outstanding experts from newcomers; in return, they borrowed energy from them, and the ability to see things in a different way each time.


Motivated employees in all posts are loyal experts proud of their work, filled with great responsibility and creativeness. We have a programme of employee bonuses, incentives, and training programs for them. We launch a well-developed system of measures to strengthen their labour safety, and code of ethics that helps to maintain interrelationships and to boost their affiliation with the company.

Masarykovo nábřeží 236/30
110 00 Praha1

Phone: +420 487 741 111