The glassmaking in the Czech Republic has much longer history than in most other countries. The matchless tradition issues primarily from the quality of human resources, which have formed, developed, and cultivated here for centuries, and also from the quality of available glass sands and the richness of Bohemian forests. The Bohemian glass families had significantly influenced both European technological development and artistic styles since the 17th century.


In the regions of Lusatian and Jizera Mountains, Giant Mountains, and Bohemian Forest, glassworks were established since the very second half of the 13th and first half of the 14th centuries. Their products made of practically limpid potash-lime glass always ranged themselves to sought-after articles of respected quality.


The glassmaking in the area of Nový Bor, and the abilities of local glassmakers and decorators became a legend. In the 18th and 19th centuries, almost all the trade with Bohemian glass had gradually concentrated just in this locality. Besides this centre, also new Moravian glassworks were originated. The mature tradition of native glassmaking was then raised to a respectable industrial and trade level.

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