Crystalex CZ, s. r. o. is the direct continuator of the very best traditions of Czech glassmaking. Being the major domestic producer of drinking glass, it also ranks with the leading world producers of this branch.


Our objective is to enable our demanding customers to enjoy the exquisite and uniquely harmonious experience of senses every time they drink.


90% of our production heads successfully abroad, to 70 countries. Our most important consumers are the countries of European Union, Russia, Ukraine, and also the increasingly demanding clientele of other countries of the former Soviet Union. We accomplish significant sales at the markets of North and South America, and in a number of countries of Africa and Asia, too.


The world famous trademarks Bohemia Crystal and Bohemia Glass throw us the way open successfully.

Masarykovo nábřeží 236/30
110 00 Praha1

Phone: +420 487 741 111
Email: info@crystalex.cz