The most demanding requests of professionals represent a real challenge for us.


HORECA – HOtels, REstaurants, CAtering - those are the words defining a market segment that deals with hotel industry, restaurants, bars, beerhouses, clubs, coffee bars, and other types of catering industry. Also congress catering, organizing balls, and open-air events belong to this category.


Stemware and other drinking glass of the “Crystalex Professional“ program are made of the crystal glass material SPARKLE that has outstanding optical and mechanical characteristics including increased dish-washer resistance. Every customer will appreciate such qualities, of course, however, the resistance will be most appreciated by the catering industry segment – i.e. customers from the ranks of hotels and restaurants. Only perfect glass can become an iconic instrument of tasters and wine connoisseurs. The shape of each goblet can enhance the enjoyment of drinking, no matter if the drink is served by bar or at the table.


A number of crystal glass carafes and decanting carafes forms an organic part of our HORECA range for professionals; they represent an essential requisite of the ritual of wine serving in a classy style.

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