Especially, our production of decorated glass reigns on world markets. We are very particular about the widest possible range of original motifs and adornment processing.


The art of decoration forms a significant added value that sets us remarkably apart from our competition. Well-balanced portfolio of both traditional and modern decors is not only universally oriented, but it includes also patterns, which are adapted according requests of individual market territories.


We use a huge number of traditional hand and original modern decorative techniques, e.g. pantograph etching, diamond engraving, spraying, sand blasting, painting, high enamel, or screen-printing, just to mention here the most important ones. Variety of decors also combines the above mentioned decorative techniques.


Informed designers and independent renowned artists make the decorative designs, directly co-operating with experienced decorators from our workshops. Thus, the designs appreciated both by beauty lovers and experts including the authorities of the field, are originated in our creative design shop.


Pantograph Etching is the most demanding technology boasting more than 150 years old history. Decor creation is executed in several stages. At first, glass is covered by wax, then decor is engraved precisely into it by force of needles. Subsequently, glass is immersed into etching bath, which completes the decor through its reaction with glass. Decoration realized in such way can be further enhanced by golden rims or spraying.


Engraving (Diamond Engraving), both hand- and machine-made. Its principals consist in use of a small disc on its perimeter, there are placed tiny diamond pieces, which incise conspicuous and elegant decors under a stream of running water.


Sand Blasting is a technology that enables to reach faithful copy of decors. Sand stream is blown via a nozzle to glass, through a solid template; the forced-downstream carves softly a pattern in glass, according to the template.


Painting. Glass is hand decorated by various types of colors (cold ones, processed by heat or etc.), prospectively by gold or platinum. Mainly, floral and ornamental patterns are created by this technique.


High Enamel. Is original hand technique from the region of Novy Bor; a ceramic material is applied on glass that is repeatedly painted and baked in a kiln. It represents a matchless 
peculiar tradition.


Screen-Printing. Recent technology that introduces simplicity and speed into decor realization.
It is both machine- and handmade. At first, it is necessary to prepare a screen – stencil, that contains respective pattern. Subsequently, particular articles are printed by force of pressing selected color through the screen.


Spraying. Increasingly used machine- and handmade technique, which offers an ample selection of shades, tones, and types of colors, whether they are coating, transparent, glossy, matt, or modern metallic ones.

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