Our decorated articles have met a great success throughout the global markets. The artistry of decoration forms a considerable added value, and a great advantage of ours, that substantially differentiates us from our competition. We dispose of a wide range of our own traditional and modern motifs; however, we are able to create an original design according to our customers’ wishes.

We use a variety of decoration techniques, namely pantograph etching, diamond engraving, colour spraying, sandblasting, painting, high enamel, and screen printing, just to mention here the most important ones. Our articles are health safe and environmentally friendly, and they are intended for contact with foodstuffs, i.e. for everyday use. Crystal glass manufactured in Crystalex CZ meets all European standards and regulations, as evidenced by respective certificates.

 C5786  K0304 C5709  C5250 
 20746 SB879  SB880   SB883
 382616  382965 382694  D4788 
 K0260 K0283     

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